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“He who lets anger triomph, he stands to lose”


What is anger?

Anger is one of the most common and frequent emotions. There are so many shades of anger that this family’s emotion has come to set up one of the largest galaxias in the universe of emotions: anger, fury, choler, resentment, dislike, exasperation, tension, excitement, agitation, bitterness, animosity, hostility, violence, jealousy, envy, helplessness, contempt, antipathy, rejection, suspicion, etc.

What do I feel like doing when I feel anger? Call it the way you want (yelling, insulting, beating…) but basically what we want to do is attack. There are various forms of attack. It is said that young people are Experts in direct physical attack; women are much more strategic and prefer indirect attack. But in the background there is always a desire to attack, which can easily lead to violence.

Extract from the book Universe of emotions

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