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“Men always forget that human happiness is a disposition of mind and not a condition of the circumstances”.

John Locke

Happiness and emotion
Happiness is a word that arouses emotions. There are people who aspire to happiness and like to wish happiness to others and, if possible, reflect, read and learn to be happy. Other people believe that happiness is unattainable in this world, since it is impossible to be happy knowing the reality around us. In the latter case, one can understand that on hearing the word happiness a visceral reaction of opposition switches on: “Happiness? What are you talking about? But which world do you live in? Just hearing the word happiness disgusts me as I understand that anyone using it is irresponsible”.

Everyone reacts to the word happiness depending on the multiple experiences that may have had throughout their lifes: how were their family experiences, education, friends, colleagues, readings, personal reflections, etc.

[…] Extract from the book Universe of emotions.

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