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BOOK Universe of emotions


BOOK Universe of emotions


“Enter your own Universe of emotions. Find what happens inside yourself, name it, identify it and measure its positivity. You will be surprised”, Eduard Punset.

Extract from the foreword of Universe of Emotions

The book Universe of emotions as well as the poster are the result of a blend of knowledge; here art, design, creativity, science, psycology and entertainment come together. This book was created thanks to the efforts of a group of multidisciplinary professionals: Eduard Punset, Rafael Bisquerra and PalauGea. The meeting was not a coincidenc, from the beginning there was an intention.

Learning to manage emotions is the basis of social and emotional learning. So it is important to learn to identify them previously. Through the pages of Universe of emotions you will discover more than 300 different emotions featured both in the book and in the poster. You will visualize something as abstract as the emotions, which become visible for a better understanding.

A real tool, together with the poster, that enables us to understand the complex mechanism that moves our inner self. A starting point to start managing our feelings.

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