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Universe of Emotions print (select your emotion)

9,90 Includes taxes

Single print
Select your galaxy
40×30 cm
Glossy coated paper
Sent flat in a cardboard envelope
Price includes taxes
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Universe of emotions print

“Emotions are such an important part of our lifes that come to build personality traits”»

(Extract from the book Universe of Emotions)

We draw each galaxy from the universe to offer you this pack of prints that perform as unique exploration tools, and even as teaching instruments.

They become a zoom, focused and organized of each emotional galaxy to be found in the poster Universe of emotions. Along with the book, this maps enable us to understand the complex mechanism that moves our inner self. A starting point to start managing our feelings.

Without any doubt, an original and sencere object.



Love – pink, Happiness – blue, Joy – yellow, Anger – purple, Sadness – green, Fear – black

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