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Universe of Emotions, a graphic map of who we are and how we interact

Science and art blend in the biggest graphic representation of the emotions known to this day.
This map includes 408 emotions to help us visualize and understand our behaviour as human beings.
An educational and informative tool that allows us to know what happens inside us. And most importantly, it helps us to manage our emotions.

Why in a matter of seconds can we go from happiness to the most irrational anger? Which mechanisms provoke us to behave one way or another? The answer is in our emotions.

In the scientific world a lot has been said about emotions. Even up to 543 emotions have been listed. We also know how each emotion works and what they arouse in ourselves and our behaviour. However, nobody till now had decided to show them graphically.

Universe of emotions is a joint project between Eduard Punset, professor Rafael Bisquerra and PalauGea Studio with the aim to offer a graphic representation of human emotions. In this map one will not find all of the emotions described by the scientists but the more characteristic. There are a total of 408 emotions represented, structured in four different levels regarding their degree of relevante. The result is a graphic map of great value given its educational and informative nature, as well as its beautiful aesthetics. A true tool that allows us to understand the complex mechanism that moves our inner self. A starting point to start managing our emotions.

The challenge to make tangible the intangible

The emotions are neither tangible nor static, on the contrary, they are in continuous movement. In a similar way to what happens in the Universe, emotions change, grow, swing, travel and interact. Sometimes they are almost invisible, but they are there, latent; some other times they explode. The emotions are the ones that determine our state of mind; those that make us unique and unrepeatable.

Making tangible something incorporeal it has been an important challenge. So, we have created a correspondence with the star system. At the Universe we can identify different structures: galaxies, constellations, asteroids, comets, intergallactic space and dark energy among others.

All of these structures give us an organized image to represent the Universe. On a metaphoric way, Universe of Emotions applies these structures to represent and visualize our emotions. While the essence of the content has a scientific foundation, to represent it we make use of artistic licenses.

408 emotions and their graphic representation

Six main emotions structure this graphic map. Three of them are placed on the upper part of the graphic: happiness, love and cheerfulness; underneath there is room for anger, sadness and fear. So there are four levels of emotions depending on their relevance. This way, the composition is based on the emotions themselves, whether they are positive or negative, and how they interact producing each trio a triangular shape.

This representation is not random, it comes out of the opposition of the emotions. On the upper part we place happiness, the most positive emotion in our mood. By opposition, the triangle underneath shows fear in the negative side, and even anxiousness is represented as an appendix on the side. The organization of each emotion forms a tridimensional prism, but to help its visualization in two dimensions is represented folded.

A circle and an halo are used to represent graphically each of the 408 emotions, in a very similar way as it is show in a star chart. That so-called aura resembles the Milky Way.

eduard punset


Lawyer, Economist and Science popularizer. He is also director and presenter of Redes, a science programme aired on TVE, he is author to various popular science books.

rafael bisquerra


Doctor in Pedagogy, Professor of Psicopedagogical Counseling at the University of Barcelona. Director of master’s degrees and postgraduate courses about Education and Emotional Intelligence.

ana gea


Diploma in Public Relations, Master in Marketing and Business Management. Executive Director at PalauGea executive and editor at Graffica. Publisher of “Universe of Emotions”, her brainchild.

victor palau


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Book Publishing and Design. Creative director at PalauGea and editor at Graffica. Publisher of “Universe of Emotions”, his brainchild.

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