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The Universe of emotions poster is printed on a somehow special paper; a paper made out of stone dust. This is an environmentally friendly material as the production of stone paper uses no water, trees or chlorine.

What is exactly stone paper?

The main ingredient on stone paper is one of the most abundant mineral son Earth, calcium carbonate. It comes from gypsum and marble quarries, which is then ground and reduced to fine White calcium carbonate powder. To bind the calcium carbonate a non-toxic polyethylene resin grade 1 is used. Once all the components are mixed the end result is a smooth textured product, waterproof and tear resistant.


How is it made?

Its manufacturing process is based on the extrusion of a mixture of calcium carbonate (80%) with non-toxic polyethylene resins (20%) to obtain a strong sustainable substratew.

The manufacturing process is environmentally friendly because it doesn’t release toxic fumes, and it doesn’t need water, chlorine or acids as the paper gets its white colour from the high concentration of calcium carbonate which is naturally white. Energy saving is also significant, as it uses aproximately 50% less energy compared to conventional paper production.

Stone paper properties

Thanks to its manufacturing process and the materials used, stone paper has no fibers. This gives the paper a smooth and velvety touch. Stone paper is water and grease proof, as well as tear resistant. In fact, it offers much more resistance than pulp papers. It is therefore commonly used in the world of packaging, on wine or oil labels, on cosmetic and soap boxes, and for any kind of bag. It is commonly used on ítems that will perform in environments where they can suffer some kind of damage by water, dirt or breakage.
Another important feature is that stone paper is environmentally friendly both in manufacture and composition, and its recyclable.
The stone paper is degradable when exposed directly to sunlight and moisture over a period between 6 to 9 months. It can be recycled to create new stone paper of solid colours.

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